Interpret the result of the each of the Shoulder and Hip ROM assessments and discuss your findings to highlight what stood out to you. Things to consider, were there ROMs within normal values, was there any trends you saw, differences on R/L side of body, etc.)

1. Based on the findings in the hip/shoulder ROM values, how might this influence how you program their flexibility ExRx? If ExRx is a newer concept to you, you can refer to GETP, 11th Edition page 158-161 for general guidelines.

2. Explain the difference in flexibility and mobility

3. If you use a test such as the finger to floor test which does not have normative data for reference, how can you utilize the results of this assessment with your client?

4. Complete a 3-2-1 review of this activity: 3 things you learned from completing this activity, 2 things you feel you need to practice or consider to be more efficient at these skills, 1 thing you’d like more information or clarification on (if you have no questions, you can say 1 thing you found interesting)

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