For each of the two papers, you will be responsible for watching a film, writing a 3 to 5 page essay in which you respond to prompts (see below), and then providing a list of  “My Criteria for Quality in Film.”


1. Make any and all arrangements necessary to view the films and write about them: Some of the films may be available for streaming via Netflix or another online content provider; others may be available for checkout from your local public library, while others may need to be rented. You are better off watching these films on the largest possible screen, and at the highest possible resolution.

2. Make Time to Complete the Assignment: Each paper requires you to watch a film IN ADDITION to the ones you will be watching for the week’s discussion, so be sure to leave yourself enough time to: watch the film, think, write a first draft, edit and revise.

3. Turn your assignments in by their respective due dates to the correct assignment folder in LEO.


These assignments are reaction papers, not plot summaries or research papers. Write what you have to say about the film, not what others have said, but know how the film was made  The papers will be graded based on:

a) Evidence that you are reading and viewing the course content, comparisons to other relevant films you have seen (in class and as a movie watcher); use of the film vocabulary introduced in class and college-level writing skills (spelling, punctuation, and grammar).

b) Clear presentation of your opinions and reasonable explanations and justifications to support those opinions: In a 100-level course, you would perhaps be asked to write about what you watched on the screen. In a 200-level course, you are being asked to say what you think about what you watched.  In this 300-level course, you should explain why you think the way you do about the film, and then justify your opinions with explanations (using references found in the weekly content in the LEO classroom).

Be sure to correctly spell the names listed in the credits of directors, actors, screenwriters, and other people  (to avoid "points" being taken off of the final grade for that paper).

These papers are about your observations, insights and evaluations not only what you can learn by reading up on the film or the filmmaker. Do not just repeat what you find online. Think carefully before you write, be creative and apply what you have been learning in this course.

Second Paper Assignment: Film Two

This is essentially the same assignment as Paper One BUT about a film produced between 1970 and 2000.

Part 1: View a feature film made between 1970 – 2000 you have not seen before (or will see later in this class) by a great director or featuring a great actor or actress.

 Just as you did in the first paper, comment on the specific film you saw. Pay particular attention to the screenplay, camerawork (cinematography) the editing (montage) and the sound (including  music). for this paper, also address special effects. Again, as you did in the first paper, talk about what you like and what you dislike? Why do you like the things you like, and why do you dislike the things you dislike? Is the film a good film, or is it not?

Part 2: Now that you have commented on the specific film you viewed, see if you can draw some general conclusions about the work of the director and one of the main actors or actresses. Be sure to comment on the overall impression you had of the film, including how you see it as an example of the its genre and time period.  Remember, this is film review based on your opinions and insights:  do not repeat what you have learned by reading up on the film or the filmmaker.

Part 3: Go back to the "My Criteria for Quality in Film" page. Based on your viewing of this week's film, add four new general conclusions. These statements should be numbered (5) through (8). Be sure to include all of the criteria you created for Paper One.

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