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Assignment Completion Guide

You will complete a variety of assignments in this online course. Assignments can include reading course materials like chapters from text(s), participating in discussion forum activities, authoring papers or other assignments, and being an active member in peer group projects.


The college has provided   on how to submit assignments, participate in discussion forums, and send e-mail from Blackboard. 

Course Reading Assignments 

Much of the course content will come from chapters in a text or other reference materials. To succeed, plan quality time to read all the materials indicated in the module assignments. Hints to doing well with readings are:

· Ensure that you have quality time to read material carefully.

· Take notes and/or highlight material in the text for future review.

· Periodically review materials to be most prepared for quizzes, exams, and other assignments.

· Contact your instructor if you have any questions or comments about the readings.

Essays, Reports, & Other Assignments

You may be asked to complete writing assignments such as electronic worksheets, journal entries, essays, in-depth reports, etc. To succeed, please consider the following tips:

· Carefully review the assignment as described in your selected module of study.

· Note that the assignment directions in your selected module of study may give you all the details you need to complete the assignment. If not, the assignment directions will point you to the appropriate place to receive more information.

How to Format a Document

When writing a document (research paper, essay), please consider the following as you prepare your work:

· Use Microsoft Word® which is a reliable word processing program.

· Plan your document to have a quality introduction, insightful body paragraphs, and an effective conclusion.

· Ensure that you have citation information for any materials you are using as references in your document. Remember  that plagiarism can be grounds for disciplinary action.

· If your instructor does not require APA, MLA, or some other form of paper formatting and citing, create your documents using these specifications: 1" margins on top and bottom, 1.25" margins on left and right, 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spacing, left justified text.

· Contact your instructor if you have any questions on who documents should be formatted for submission.

Peer Group Projects

In your course, you may be asked to participate in projects with other students. It is possible that you will be placed in online discussion groups where you will be expected to have meaningful dialogue with a small number of other students in the course. It is also possible that you will team with others to complete an in-depth research project. If you encounter a peer group project assignment in any module you are working through, please review the instructions for the assignment very carefully.

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