CS 410 Operating SystemsHomework 02

Review Questions (7 pts/ea)2.1 What are three objectives of an OS design?2.2 What is the kernel of an OS?2.3 What is multiprogramming?2.4 What is a process?2.5 How is the execution context of a process used by the OS?2.6 List and briefly explain five storage management responsibilities of a typical OS.2.7 Explain the distinction between a real address and a virtual address.2.8 Describe the round-robin scheduling technique.2.9 Explain the difference between a monolithic kernel and a microkernel.2.10 What is multithreading?2.11 List the key design issues for an SMP operating system.

Problems: (8 pts the first two, 7 points the last one)2.2 An I/O-bound program is one that, if run alone, would spend more time waiting forI/O than using the processor. A processor-bound program is the opposite. Suppose ashort-term scheduling algorithm favors those programs that have used little processortime in the recent past. Explain why this algorithm favors I/O-bound programs andyet does not permanently deny processor time to processor-bound programs.

2.3 Contrast the scheduling policies you might use when trying to optimize a time-sharingsystem with those you would use to optimize a multiprogrammed batch system.

2.4 What is the purpose of system calls, and how do system calls relate to the OS and tothe concept of dual-mode (kernel-mode and user-mode) operation?

SUBMISSIONSubmit a DOCX or PDF document through Western Online with the answers to the questions orproblems typing the corresponding numbers and questions (or at least the numbers) in boldand in the proper order before your answers.Use a different font color for the numbers and questions (or at least for the numbers), than thecolor used for your answers.


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