Feedback plan

Instructions: along with your first draft you will submit a “feedback plan,” where you tell me the main 3 things you want me to focus on as I give you feedback on your draft. These things may be narrow, or they may be broad, but either way they should be focused and specific enough that I can provide meaningful thoughts in response.

Examples: Asking “is this paper good?” won’t work because that question doesn’t lead to specific answers; same with “how’s the grammar?”

Better versions of these questions are “I feel like I don’t make myself clear throughout the paper. Do you know what my argument is? Is my summary fair to the reading?” In this version, I can see that you are concerned about the clarity of your thoughts, and you offer me two specific questions I can respond to.

Instead of asking “how’s my grammar?” you could ask something like “I feel like my language is sloppy in this essay. Do you notice any parts that are worded poorly or have a lot of misspellings and bad sentence structure?” Just like in the example above, this gives me a sense of where your concern is coming from (you feel “sloppy”) and also gives me something specific to respond to.

I will also offer you feedback on things you don’t ask for, since as an outside reader I’ll notice things that you can’t see.

Structure: submit your feedback plan in the same document (.docx or .pdf) as your draft, on its own page before your draft. You can think of it as a title page. You need to list three things in total. Follow the form on the following page.

Feedback Plan Form

Fill out this form and turn it in with your draft as the first page of your draft



What is the first concern you have about your draft that you would like me to give you feedback on?

What is the second concern you have?

What is the third concern you have?

Finally, is there any feedback you are “afraid” of getting from me? Anything you definitely don’t want to hear?

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