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Based on Chapter 7 in Kremling and Sharp Parker (2018), this assignment is designed to examine the prevention approaches for cyberterrorism and other forms of cybercrime.

What is the role of violence in cyberterrorism? Within the academic definitions of terrorism, over 80% of definitions indicate violence as a necessary element. However, how does violence, and subsequently fear of harm/violence, translate in cyberspace? Furthermore, how would the presence of violence affect the prosecution of cyberterrorists?

Jackman has elaborated on the issues surrounding the conceptualization of violence. She asserts that there are four main issues that have affected societys perception of violence. The first is the idea of physical violence. Often, acts of violence that result in psychological, material, and social injuries are ignored. Second, the conceptualization of violence is usually limited to physical behavior and threats of physical behavior. The third issue is the idea of failure to resist by the victim, and the last is the concentration on interpersonal violence, or the concentration on acts which have individually identifiable agents and victims and immediate and certain outcomes. In the virtual realm, these four points come under scrutiny when examining the conceptualization of violence as it applies to cyberterrorism.

In most cases of traditional cybercrime, investigations are conducted by banks or antifraud departments, not by traditional law enforcement. However, if an act results in violence, which may be the case in events of cyberterrorism, law enforcement may have to respond to the report. (Kremling & Parker, 2018, p. 133)

Action Items

  1. Browse Chapter 7 in Kremling & Parker (2018).
  2. Write a 500-to-1000-word paper that addresses the following questions:
  3. The data preservation stage of the collection/acquisition phase of the digital forensic process involves careful planning on the part of the examiner. Identify and discuss five ways in which the digital evidence can be tainted during the data preservation process. Think of the above case as you respond to this, sharing examples of how the evidence can be tainted.
  4. A fellow classmate is confused about the following terms: slack space, clusters, and sectors. The book provided the analogy of a two-car garage to assist readers with these different terms. Create a different analogy to explain these different terms to your classmate.

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