According to observational research, the base of learning is rooted in the cognitive processes of each individual. Therefore, every individual has a unique type of learning style. Learning style has been defined as how an individual's choice during the learning process affects the selected information and how it is processed (Werner, 2022, p.82). Each individual has a distinct way of retaining the information given to them, whether through verbal, visual, or physical stimulation. Based on how well an individual retains this information will indicate how they will respond and perform in their work environment.  

The differences in how a manager with a convergent learning style versus a divergent style can be reviewed in Werner, J. (2022) text. A divergent learning style is learning from concrete experiences and reflective observations that can generate alternative courses of action. In contrast, a convergent learning style involves abstract conceptualization and active experiences that focus on problem-solving and decision-making practices (p.83).

A manager is responsible for many different roles within a healthcare organization. They must be able to assess and retain critical information continuously changing in the healthcare field. The scope of knowledge that a manager must possess can range from both the business side and clinical side of a healthcare organization. Therefore continuous studies are needed to improve business operations and provide quality care.

Supposing I was conducting training sessions for managers, I would need to understand the various types of managers I would be planning the session. Conducting a survey is a great way to acquire information about different learning styles. By asking multiple questions, I could gather the materials needed to provide the best suitable training session by asking various questions. Assuming that the two particular types of styles that would be attending the training session are convergent and divergent learning styles, there are several strategies that I would utilize to ensure their success in the training session. For convergent learning, active experimentation is essential; therefore, organizing activities that actively engage their skill and knowledge will be most usual. “The greatest advantage of this style lies in problem solving, decision making, and practical application of ideas (Lizote et al., 2019, p.4).” As for divergent learners, they naturally acquire information from concrete experiences and reflective observation. Therefore, for these types of learners, the training session will include various brainstorming activities that will allow them to generate unique ideas on how to solve problems (p.4). 

The Lord has given us our capacities for solving problems, yet teamwork can be the greatest strength he provides us. It is said in Hebrews 10:24-25. “Let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near (The Holy Bible,  English Standard Version. 2016).”



Lizote, S. A., Alves, C. R., Teston, S. D. F., & Olm, J. W. (2019). Learning styles, academic performance, and teaching evaluation.  Rev Catarinense Ciên Contábil18, 1-15.

The Holy Bible,  English Standard Version. Text Edition: 2016.

Werner, J. (2022).  Human resource development: Talent development. (8th ed.). Cengage.

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