NCDCDEE Regulatory Assignment #4


Part 1: DCDEE Rules Assignment:  Safe Sleep and Prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome

Access the most updated NCDCDEE rules on the NCDCDEE website and answer the following:

 1.Infants, aged 12 months or younger, must be placed on their _________ to sleep.

 2.No   ___________, _________,  ____________, ______________, __________,

______________, __________________, or other objects may be placed with the sleeping child.

 3.Children (can, can not) be swaddled.

 4.The temperature in the room where infants aged 12 months or younger are sleeping must not exceed ________.

 5.Infants must be visually checked every _____________ minutes.

 6.Infants (may, may not) sleep in car seats, strollers, or swings. (10A NCAC 09 .0606 for all above questions)

 7.The  signs and symptoms of shaken baby syndrome include:  ________________,  _______________, __________________, _____________, ________________,  _____________, ________________, _______________.
 8.Name 3 prohibited behaviors: __________________________________________________



(Questions 9 and 10-10A NCAC 09 .0608)

9.Infants shall be ___________ for bottle feeding.  10 NCAC 09 .0902

10.How often must diapers be changed?  10A NCAC 09 .0806

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