preschool Board memeber

 To write a business formatted letter to a new board member as part of the orientation process and to evaluate your letter. 

You are part of the board of directors for a  corporate, for-profit child care program with eight centers, each with  its own center director. The board has decided to recruit new board  members to help ensure the work load is spread evenly across all  members. You have been placed in charge of the nominating committee and  are responsible for finding new potential members and orienting new  members. As most members are not from the early education field, you  have been asked to write a welcome letter to new members to introduce  them to both the field and the role of a board member. To ensure they  are well prepared for the role, also include the duties of board members  as well as the advantages and disadvantages of sitting on a board.

Focus Assignment: 

Write a 1-page (business formatted) letter to a newly recruited board  member that briefly introduces them to what early education is and what  it means to sit on the board. Include what the duties of the board  entail as well as the honest advantages and disadvantages of being on a  board.


  1. For your letter, explain how this letter addresses the issues in the scenario .

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