PSYC 575

Research Paper: Outline and Reference Page Assignment Instructions


The outline assignment is intended to encourage you to start thinking about the research paper in more specific terms. The paper is the capstone project for this course and will require a great deal of time to be done well.

Please be sure to read the instructions for both the outline and the final paper before writing your outline.  The topic of the paper must be in an area of cognitive research on false memories.  Take some time to look through the literature and find something that interest you.  For example, you could focus on the effects of stress/trauma on the formation of false memories.  Use the outline assignment and an opportunity to plan what areas of the literature you will be focusing on. Doing the work up front will make the writing process go more smoothly.


Your outline must include your thesis statement, at least 3 key points that will be discussed, and 5 references. A guideline for your outline is below. Some example statements have been provided to illustrate the required material. Your outline should follow this example closely. You may find that your paper will flow better if you move some minor sections around, however see the paper instructions for a list of material that must be included. It is not necessary to have all of the articles you will be using. You are also not required to give specific information in the discussion and assessment sections. Your assignment must be in current APA format.

Note: It will be helpful to read the Research Paper: Final Submission Assignment Instructions before completing this assignment.

Title Page


Thesis statement: one sentence that states the focus of your paper

1. Key Points (include 3–5 main points)

a. Point 1

b. Point 2

c. Point 3

d. Point 4

e. Point 5

Body of Paper

Topic sentence and supporting research for each of your key points. Use the same order as in the introduction.

1. Research Concept/Finding

a. Supporting evidence

b. Connect to next concept/finding

2. Research Concept/Finding

a. Supporting evidence

b. Connect to next concept/finding

3. Research Concept/Finding

a. Supporting evidence

b. Connect to next concept/finding


At least 5 peer-reviewed journal article references

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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