Sample Troubleshooting Email


To: Nursing Staff

From: Name, Information Technology Department Manager

RE: Windows 11 Troubleshooting Guide

For the past several days, the Information Technology Department (IT) has received numerous

emails from the Nursing staff complaining about several computers having errors that stop

computers from working without letting users save the information. This email aims to guide the

nursing staff step by step on a possible solution to solve the issue. The technicians from

Information Technology Department believe that the problem may consist of dangerous software

(malware) or an error in the last Windows update.

It is imperative to take action on the issue since the data can be compromised or lost. Meanwhile,

Windows provides different tools for the users to solve problems occurring in the system. Our

Information Technology Department has implemented a list step-by-step of how to solve the

possible issue.

To begin with the process, it is necessary to scan the computer using the Windows security

system. Scanning the computer may be a possible solution to the problem in context. After the

computer is scanned, see if it found any type of malware. Whether the malware was detected or

not, go on and do a Windows reinstallation. Here are some pictures showing the process step by


Windows Security Scan

Step 1: Click on the Start button and go to settings.

Figure 1 start menu

Step 2: On the left panel go to privacy and security and select Windows Security

Figure 2 Privacy & Security Settings

Step 3: Select the Scan option

Figure 3 Scan Options

Last step: Select Full Scan and Scan now

Figure 4 Full Scan

End of Windows Security Scan.

Here is the Windows reinstallation step by step

Step 1: Go to the Start button, right-click, and select Settings

Figure 5 Menu Settings

Step 2: On the left panel Go to System and select Reset this PC

Figure 6 Settings

Step 3: Select the first option Keep my files.

Figure 7 Choose an option

Step 4: Select Local reinstall

Figure 8 Local reinstall

Last Step: Select Reset. This process may take a while.

Figure 9 reset

To conclude, make certain to follow the validated process in an attempt to resolve the current

problem and prevent further damage to the computer software. Additionally, the above

guidelines will help prevent any data from being compromised or completely lost. The

Information Technology Department is working diligently and consciously to solve the problem

since patient information might be compromised and lost in the process. In the event that the

following guidelines do not fix the present issue, please contact the Information Technology

Department immediately without hesitation since the problem might be related to a physical

component (hardware) that comprises the computer and the data might be still compromised.



Information Technology Department Manager

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