Running Head: YUMMY-YUMMY2



Business Description

Yummy-Yummy incorporation is a fast-food business that will be set up across the USA. The company will deal with organic products that will be prepared and sold in the fast-food centers in the country. Yummy-Yummy will be classified under the fast-food and retail business.

Demographic Description

Users of the organic products produced and sold in the Yummy-Yummy corporation are young adults aged 25-34. These young adults will be working, and the expected salary range is between $35,000 and $55,000 per year. The fast-food business will also target students undertaking their master’s program.

Geographic Description

Yummy-Yummy Corporation will be set up in Sacramento, California, as there are many top-ranked institutions. Moreover, there are a lot of working-class people in the State.

Lifestyle Description

The majority of the clients are students and medium-class persons who will want to have organic foods and stay healthy in their busy schedules. Most of my clients will go swimming, skiing, and play many sporting activities as some will remain in their houses, read books, and watch movies. These people will need a meal during their break, and Yummy-Yummy products will make them feel relaxed and filled.

Psychographic Descriptions

My target market is mainly trendsetters and fun-seeking. These young adults will want to venture into several ideas, look at different foods, and see which of the products is good for them. These people will want to try out everything.

Purchasing Patterns

Most of the products will be sold from midday till early evening hours. This is the period with some people working while others are in school.

Buying Sensitivities Description

The target market will look at several components. They will major on the price, quality and care they receive. These young people will always want to feel welcome in the place.


I enjoy reading about your business idea. I love the concept. As I was reading a few questions came to mind. Your target audience are working young adults aged 25-34 with a salary range $35,000-$55,000. When I shop at my local grocery store, the organic products cost significantly more than the non-organic. Especially since inflation has caused an increase in all products. Have you started thinking about suppliers and where you are going to purchase your products from? How are you going to keep your prices at a level that will attract young adults in the targeted salary ranges? According to the “Organic Produce Performance” report for the 2nd quarter of 2022, organic produce increased in dollars but dropped in volume. (1).

I look forward to continue to see how your business plan evolves. The article and report reference below maybe a good source for you to use in the future.





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