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For this assignment, you will create a newspaper article that highlights the experiences of something different than your own experience or way of viewing the world. 

Consider an issue, an identity, or difference that makes you uncomfortable, is something that you are not familiar with, or just something you want to know more about.

Identify a person or persons (family or couple) who has this difference that would be willing to share with you about their experiences. The person, family, or couple that you pick is open-ended. Maybe it is someone with a different belief system, maybe it is a couple of a different background than you, maybe it is someone who grew up in a different country, the possibilities are endless (Note: In friend or family circles, it is likely you could identify a difference that would fit for this assignment, also, you could contact a local organization and see if there is someone who would be willing e.g., LGBTQ+ community centers, places of worship, political centers, etc.).

Make sure the person or persons that you are interviewing are aware that you are doing an assignment that challenges you to look at differences and present your reflections on these differences. Be prepared with questions and directions so that you do not take up too much of their time (try to limit to 20 minutes). Remember, be open and curious. Some themes that you will explore in the interview:

  • Their background (exploring that difference).
  • The elements of their identity that they are most passionate about.
  • Intersectionality and the influence in their life.
  • Challenges they have experienced.
  • Rewards (strengths) related to that difference.

In the interview space, be prepared with questions. You do not need to record the interview, but taking notes is a good idea. Remember, you are there to listen to their story and appreciate them.

Your newspaper article will highlight the themes noted above. Please integrate your story with at least two scholarly references.  

Include a brief reflection (1 page) of the experience of learning about this person or persons and the impact it might have on you as a therapist.

Length: 3-5 p

References: Include a minimum of 2 scholarly resources.

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