Responses to Other Students: Respond to at least 2 of your fellow classmates with at least a 100-word reply about their Primary Task Response regarding items you found to be compelling and enlightening. To help you with your discussion, please consider the following questions:

· What did you learn from your classmate's posting?

· What additional questions do you have after reading the posting?

· What clarification do you need regarding the posting?

· What differences or similarities do you see between your posting and other classmates' postings?


Kaizen quality program strategies were employed for the quality improvement implemented at Sabre Industries through the TAT. Upper levels of management were heavily involved and encouraged the company's management to provide training that would successfully align production with consumer expectations (Rahman et al., 2022). For the upcoming batch of shelters being produced, charts and criteria for improvement were put in place over time. A top-notch staff has received extensive training and views the product from the client's perspective. Kaizen is a strategy that emphasizes ongoing improvements via minor adjustments that have enormous beneficial effects. It is predicated on a dedication to top-down adjustments to achieve transformations. Utilizing value stream mapping with this technology will enable a firm to get insightful opinions from a wide range of stakeholders, including the CEO and production floor.

The customer is there during the TAT process and can see firsthand the important commitment being made to creating their product. The steps taken to produce the final product are measured, documented, and thoroughly described. Before the product is sent to their site, the client can inspect every part of it and make any required improvements. The suggested adjustments range in size from small to large.

We can prevent issues from developing by building quality into our product. To achieve this, one must have an assembly of quality-focused manufacturing employees who are conversant about each facet of excellence in the invention process of development. To prevent them from reoccurring in the following projects, issues that arise during production or after delivery should be thoroughly explored (Ross et al., 2022). To create an alliance of problem-solving and shared knowledge, departments must collaborate. Process simplification will make things go much more smoothly. 


Rahman, H. U., Zahid, M., & Khan, M. (2022). Corporate sustainability practices: a new perspective of linking board with firm performance. Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, 33(7-8), 929-946.

Ross, S. W., Reinke, C. E., Ingraham, A. M., Holena, D. N., Havens, J. M., Hemmila, M. R., … & Coimbra, R. (2022). Emergency general surgery quality improvement: a review of recommended structure and key issues. Journal of the American College of Surgeons, 234(2), 214-225.


When thinking back on the situation my company was facing during Covid, and deciding which quality improvement program they used, I had to really think about the situation at hand. I believe it was "Designing Quality In" the company used.  I decided this after reading "Quality Management System" and the steps it takes with a quality management system.  the first step is to decide the direction the organization was to go and the ultimate direction. The clinic needed to take into consideration of the conflicts they were now facing with schedules, compliance, product functionality, and cost. The company needed to keep in mind that all of these conflicts needed to also fit in with the value and mission statement. Once the value and the total quality management is established next there needs to be a Map of the major processes. This is understanding how all the operational activities work together to achieve the desired outcome. The overarching processes need to be mapped out.  Like customer care, insurance billing because patients would no longer be seen in clinic.  A complete understanding of how insurance was going to billed to ensure there was not any insurance fraud.  Next is the defining of roles and responsibilities in the quality system.  Now that the roles are completely defined, and the desired outcome has been identified, it is now time to assign responsibility to ensure the goals are met.  It was simple enough with our company that it did not take a lot of training to get rolling with the new check in system, and billing.  Lastly is to regularly review and improve the system.  I think what our company learned from implementing the new roles during Covid is that there were parts of the system that worked so well that once the restrictions were lifted the virtual visits still worked well for some appointments and benefited out patients while ensuring they still received care when they are not able to come into the clinic.   


Quality Management System

Quality Management System Education and Resources 


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