Born December 17, 1954

Graduated from high school in 1973

Attended Athen’s Technical college in 1974

Graduated in 1975

Begin working as licensed nurse in 1976

Got married in 1978

Moved to Atlanta Georgia in 1979

Began working at Georgia Baptist medical center

1980 grandmother passed she raised me had to take leave from work

due to depression

Began working at Emory university

2000 got divorce

2002 remarried

2011 husband died

2012 went on disability due to injury

2012 started college at South university online

2014 graduated with bachelor's degree I Allied health

2015 Got baptized as one of Jehovah witnesses

2016 graduated with master's degree I public Health

2018 opened daycare center

2019 started Keiser University

2021 graduated with master's in psychology

2022 started PhD in psychology at Keiser University

I had polio as a child and was hospitalized numerous times for

corrective surgeries on my left hand, arm, and shoulder. My mother

neglected me as a child, left me with her mother at age 10. My mother,

father and mother raised me and three brothers, the grandparents

were very caring and nurturing. I attempted suicide at age 17 due to

peer pressure. Diagnosed with diabetes in 2004, have severe arthritis

and severe knee pain, going to have knee replacement in 2023. I have

no biological children, raised twin great nephews that were born in

March 2009.

My aunt life line

MY aunt birthday January 9, 1943

Started school1970 age 7

Graduated from high school 1963

Attended Athens technical college in 1965

1965 got nursing aid certificate

1966 started working as a maid in the hospital

1967 start working as nursing assistant age 18 –30

1968 got pregnant with daughter, not married to daughter father

Daughter was taken by the father mother.

Age 30-40 worked various jobs to help support daughter in retail stores

Got married in 1969 moved into house in 1969

Was pregnant when she got married had miscarriage

Was unable to have another child because of female problems

Age 45-60 had many surgeries and adopted two children one in

1972,and 1973 lived in Athens Georgia for her entire life. Lost her

oldest brother in 1970 and that was an event in her life that was

devastating. Mother passed in 1980, which was devastating , lost father

in 1997 due to cancer, mother died from heart attack, had stroke

before heart attack. Lost brother at age 26. As a child we were poor but

raised with much love by our parents. The historical events in my life

were losing family members and having to be poor as a child. I skinny

dipped and played with my siblings, we created many games to play

and kept us occupied. We were poor and I had to pick cotton to buy

many of my school supplies. My life was full of historical events

because of the many surgeries I had throughout my life such as cancer

of the breast and other surgeries. I have had almost 50 surgeries or

more in my life time. I retired at age 70 and traveled with family.

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