PSY650 Week Two Treatment Plan

Behaviorally Defined Symptoms: Billy exhibits both inattention (e.g., short attention span,

difficulty sustaining attention on a consistent basis, noncompliance with instructions, easily

distracted by external stimuli) and hyperactivity-impulsivity (e.g., high energy level, difficulty

remaining seated, excessive motor activity, difficulty waiting his turn, blurting out answers in

class, poor social skills). Billy’s symptoms were apparent before the age of 12, and occurred at

home and in school.

Diagnostic Impression: Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Combined Presentation

Long-Term Goal: Demonstrate marked improvement in impulse control.

Short-Term Goal 1: Discontinue taking stimulant medication and manage symptoms with

behavior modification techniques.

Intervention 1: Billy’s psychiatrist will monitor the effectiveness of the medication and

side effects every four weeks.

Intervention 2: Billy’s parents will attend six individualized “Parental Training”

sessions and apply newly learned behavioral modification techniques in the home.

Intervention 3: Billy will attend six “Social Skills” trainings to learn skills such as

cooperation, speaking calmly, and making polite requests.

Intervention 4: Billy’s teachers will implement a “Token Economy” where he obtains

tangible rewards in response to desired behaviors.

For additional information regarding Billy’s case history and the outcome of the treatment

interventions, please see Dr. Remoc’s session notes under Case 16 in Gorenstein and Comer’s

(2015), Case Studies in Abnormal Psychology.

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