Job Description – Child Protection Worker

By Hala Al Qasab, 991437314

Job Purpose

A child protection worker's duties include locating and recording any instances of child mistreatment or abuse. Employees in this job must be able to recognise immediate risks and offer living environment that comply with provincial, local, and federal regulations. This position's goal is to guarantee children are safe and that appropriate measures are made to safeguard their long-term development and health.

Duties and Responsibilities

· Interfere with families to prevent situations of child abuse

· Plan and execute foster care placements, including last-minute admissions and ongoing monitoring

· Ensure a Safety plan in place that involves engagement and collaboration with family, community organizations evidenced by creative thinking to overcome challenges when necessary.

· Carry out investigation and assessments related to cases of related physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse

· Assess community housing for potential necessary placements of children.

· Provide continues support to children and families

· Provide, as required, on-going monitoring of high-risk children.

· Improve family interaction with specialists between children and their parents

· Assess the safety of children while with their parents, or community organizations

· Gather important relevant information about children and their families in the event of handling any case in terms of their background, and psychological information to help assess the situation.

· Conduct research and write report in relevance to case of most occurring cases; anger management, toilet training and behaviour management.

· Have knowledge about parenting skills and know how to pass it over to help parents improve relationship with their children.

· collaborate with other agencies and community organizations and professionals regarding client issue consulting

· Being able Handle emergency admissions/anxieties of children

· Being able to file all legal procedures and documentation, including all court documentation.

· Prepare court cases with evidence when required.

· Have knowledge to file documents based on organization and ministry standards.

· Attend meeting, conference, and study sessions to keep up to date with government regulations, policy and procedure.


· Bachelor of Social Work Degree (BSW) or BSW equivalency or Diploma is required.

· A class “G” driver’s license and daily access to an insured vehicle required

· Understanding and/or practice in Intake & Assessment and Family Services

· Criminal record check and Vulnerable Sector Screening

· 1+ years of experience in the field of child services

· Decision-making skills to take quick actions ensuring protection of children

· Works well in teams and individually

· A social and patient character of worker.

Working Conditions

· Evening and weekend work

· Working with difficult clients

· Working in possibly violent circumstances

· Long hours of commute might be necessary sometimes

Physical Requirement

· Standing for long hours

· Requires heavy lifting

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