PSYC 005: Research Methods

Review Sheet: Chapter 6 – Non-Experimental Research

1. Describe the characteristics of non-experimental research. How can we tell the difference between experiment and non-experimental research?

2. When is non-experimental research used? Identify at least 3 situations when non-experimental research is useful.

3. In the spaces below, write a description and example of cross-sectional, longitudinal, and cross-sequential/sequential studies. Design your own studies, do not use examples from the book or the internet.






4. What type of validity usually decreases when a variable is not manipulated in a study? Why does that validity decrease?

5. What type of validity usually increases when a variable is not manipulated in a study? Why does that validity increase?

6. Design a correlational study at least one nominal/categorical variable. Describe the research question. Describe the nominal/categorical variable and the levels. Describe the dependent variable.

7. Interpret, as best you can, the following Pearson’s r values.

Strength of Relation(weak, moderate, strong)

Direction of Relation(positive or negative)

r = .89

r = -.12

R = -.71

8. What is qualitative research? What is its purpose? Design a simple qualitative study and describe it.

9. Describe an example of a situation when you would want to use qualitative research instead of quantitative research. Explain why qualitative research is a good choice for the situation.

10. What are interviews? Describe various levels of structure that interviews may involve.

11. What are focus groups? Identify one limitation of information gathered through focus groups. Describe an example of a topic that would work well for focus groups. Which topics lend themselves best for focus groups?

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