1.Choose one of the following types of heath care facilities, the establishment of which requires a CON under Tennessee law, to be the subject of your CON application:

· Hospital

· Nursing Home

· Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Center (“ASTC”)

· Outpatient Diagnostic Center (“ODC”)

2.Choose one of the following counties in which you will propose to locate the new facility:

· Davidson County

· Rutherford County

· Williamson County

· Wilson County

Your choice of county might be influenced by the number of that type of facility already existing in the county. Please see the References and Resources document for sources you can check to determine that.

3.Prepare a Mock CON Application for your chosen facility and county in accordance with the instructions below, using the Mock CON Application form provided. You are not expected to know all the nuances of the law and regulations, and all of the many data sources needed to accurately and fully prepare a CON application. I am looking for you to demonstrate to me you are thinking logically about a balance of (a) allocation of limited health care resources and (b) consumer needs — within the context and parameters of the Tennessee CON program.

4.Your CON application must cite data or information you obtained from at least 3 of the sources identified in the References and Resources document.

5.Prepare a Power Point presentation of your CON application (please see the instructions below).


1.This is a very abbreviated version of the full CON application form. Many questions have been left out, and those questions which are included retain their original numbering as they are in the full application (thus the gaps in question numbers). If you are interested you can take a look at the complete official CON application form on the HSDA website (a link is included on the References and Resources document for this assignment).

2.Some of the questions on the abbreviated form are marked “N/A.” This means you do not have to respond to those questions. These questions are left in the form because they are important in getting a better understanding of the scope and goals of the CON process, but the responses called for are beyond the scope of your assignment.

3.A few of the “N/A” questions are followed by a Question in italics . These are questions I have inserted into the application form, and a response from you is required.

4.The applicant for your mock CON application should be a hypothetical provider. Please do not use the name of an actual hospital or other provider. As far as addresses and those types of non-substantive things – just make something up.

5.The References and Resources document has the links to publicly available data sources which should be useful to you. Data or other information from at least three of these sources must be used and cited in your Mock CON Application You are free to use other resources and authorities, but you need to cite the source in the document after the data is used.

6.You may look at other CON applications which have been filed and are on the HSDA website, but keep in mind that any application filed before October 1, 2021 was governed by a since-replaced law, and those pre-October 1 applications utilized an application form different from the one in use today. If you use language from an existing application you must appropriately cite it – no plagiarism!


1.You must use Microsoft Power Point to create the slides for your presentation.

2.Your presentation must not exceed 5 minutes in duration. You should not include anything in the slides that is not at least referenced in your CON application.

3.Assume you are making this presentation to members of the Tennessee Heath Services and Development Agency (“HSDA”), who know all about the CON program. Don’t waste time talking about what CON covers and doesn’t cover, the reasons for CON, or that kind of thing. Concentrate on your project and why it should be approved.

4.In an actual application situation, the HSDA would have a copy of your full application so you don’t have to put everything that is in the application in the slide deck. Choose a few points you think are the strongest and concentrate on them in the slides and in your presentaion.

The purpose of this assignment is to learn something regarding government regulation and “allotment” of health care resources, and to help you develop advocacy skills. I hope you can also have some fun with this! Good luck!

Adjunct Professor Taylor

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