Mod 6 Steps:



Read Chapter 2 (p. 89-90) in our textbook, Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Professionals by George D. Pozgar (5th Edition).



Experience the Simulation and Complete Your Role by Answering the Questions in a Word Document: Watch the Jones & Bartlett LearnScapes for Health Care Ethics episode: “ Confidentiality


You do not need to answer the questions asked at the end of the simulation or submit your recommendation in an email. You will need to answer the questions I give you (see Step 3 instructions below).



Read the Assignment and Instructions for the Mock CON Application and Presentation Project and be prepared to discuss and ask questions in preparation for completing the assignment. 


Complete Written Assignment #6: Mock CON Application and Presentation.  This written assignment is your ticket to participate in class.  See the instructions, forms, and resource  links for this project in the link below.  You cannot participate in class if you do not complete it and turn it in by the due date and time and earn at least a passing grade.  


After class, your written assignment (both the CON application and Power Point slides) is considered together with your class presentation for your Final Advocacy Project grade. 

This module is dedicated to the final simulation and essay exam. If you have any questions, contact me directly.

At the conclusion of this module, you should be able to:

· Experience the simulation and appraise the ethical dilemma. 

· Demonstrate understanding of knowledge gained throughout the course from readings, discussions, and activities.

· Formulate your own recommendation to resolve the dilemma synthesizing multiple stakeholder perspectives, legal concerns, guiding values and fair process principles.

· Apply original, critical thinking and research skills to identify and document a need for health care services and/or facilities in the community, within the parameters of the certificate of need program in Tennessee.

· Prepare an abbreviated mock CON application using the official forms and  applying the official criteria and standards of the Tennessee Health Services and Development Agency.

· Prepare a PowerPoint slide deck and make a presentation of the CON application you have prepared, advocating for the approval of the CON. Persuasively articulate your project to our class in a mock CON presentation and explain how the project meets the State’s criteria for CON approval.  

These outcomes correspond to the following course objectives as stated in your syllabus:

· Identify a variety of key legal responsibilities, civil and criminal liability, perspectives and rights of major stakeholders, including selected healthcare organizations, providers, and patients, in the U.S. healthcare system.

· Evaluate and debate resolutions to current healthcare legal issues and ethical dilemmas by applying ethical and legal frameworks and reasoning.

· Creatively formulate and persuasively communicate your strategic recommendations to solve pressing health care problems with ethical and legal solutions.


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