Journal Entry #1

Jadiam Lopez

MSN, Walden University


Dr. Mariah Morris


What excites me most?

I am most excited about my pediatric clinical experiences because I can see how our health system works, especially in a public health setting. The hospital is large and has many different departments. There are nurses and doctors on every floor, and they work together to care for patients admitted at the hospital. It will be interesting to see how hard it is to care for people who need it the most, like children with cancer or other serious illnesses.

Strengths and weaknesses

My strengths include being patient and kind, knowing how to use my time wisely and efficiently, and staying calm under pressure while working with others in difficult situations such as an emergency room or pediatric ward. My strengths of being patient and kind might impact my practicum experience as a practitioner by allowing me to understand the patients' needs more, which will help me get through this process better than someone who does not have those qualities.

My weaknesses include having difficulty dealing with abrupt scheduling changes or getting frustrated quickly when someone does not understand what I am trying to tell them or when there are problems in scheduling services or medications at different times of the day because of staffing changes during the day or week. The weaknesses might impact my practicum experience as a practitioner because it can make things difficult for me as a nurse where I might cause significant medical errors.

Personal definition

The primary function of the family is to provide emotional support to its members and make them feel secure. Parents also play an essential role in developing the personality of their children. The family roles enabled nurses to provide comprehensive assessments to children. For instance, a child whose family have neglected them might suffer from depression and stress.

Challenges working with families

The most challenging part of working with families in the pediatric department is that they are often under stress and have many fears about their children's health. Parents want to be sure that what they do is the best for their children. However, our job as practitioner is to reassure them that their children are safe and healthy and that vaccinations are essential for everyone's well-being.

Vaccinating children

In my clinical experience, many parents do not want to vaccinate their children because they believe vaccines can cause autism or other severe conditions. I would handle this situation by having an open discussion with them about how vaccines work, how safe they are, and what risks there are (Shen & Dubey, 2019). It will help them understand why we feel it is essential for them to get their children vaccinated as well as allow them to make an informed decision.


Culture is the knowledge and understanding of the beliefs and practices that are a part of a particular community, culture, or society. Cultural factors can also influence how families manage their children's illnesses. For example, certain cultures emphasize traditional healing practices more than others.

Nursing theory

Cultural Competence theory is the most effective in guiding my profession. It is defined as the ability to provide healthcare services with consideration for the patient's race, ethnicity, culture, gender identity, language preference or socioeconomic status (Danso, 2018). As healthcare providers, we are responsible for our patients and our communities.


Danso, R. (2018). Cultural competence and cultural humility: A critical reflection on crucial cultural diversity concepts. Journal of Social Work18(4), 410–430.

Shen, S. C., & Dubey, V. (2019). Addressing vaccine hesitancy: Clinical guidance for primary care physicians working with parents.  Canadian Family Physician65(3), 175-181.

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