Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read the report on mobile threats on pages 68-72 of the document linked below: (I have attached the document separately)

Then prepare a presentation  to inform leaders of the company from your final project of the risks and rewards of a Bring-Your-Your-Device (BYOD) policy at work. Currently, leadership is considering cutting costs by allowing employees to use their own smartphones for work and on the network. This is Phase 1 of a proposed BYOD strategy. Phase 2 would allow the employees to use their own tablets and, in a limited case, laptops. However, mobile phones are the test case for the organization. 

In your presentation, you must:

· Discuss your recommendation for or against the BYOD implementation

· Describe the potential rewards; risks; costs in terms of time, money, risk mitigation, and potential risk remediation.

Prepare and submit your slide presentation (with voice recording) using Kaltura, the recording feature in PowerPoint, or your favorite screen recording software. This briefing will be at least 8 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes. Presentations going under or over will be penalized.

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