For Royal Caribbean do the following:
Obtain the fiscal 2021 annual report at:
Provide the following for the 2021 fiscal year from the Financial Statements (Item 8 of the Annual Report) in the blue box provided. Answers may be found on face of the financial statements or on footnotes
How much was Revenues? $$ % of Total
From Ticket sales
What % of Sales was from International? From Onboard and other
How much was Property and Equipment, net
Detail the P&E balance: Note 6 Note 1, P&E section
Categories Gross Asset Balance Useful Life
Related to Accumulated Depreciation
AD balance (Note 7)
% of P&E assets depreciated Do not include the balance in Ships under Construction when calculating this %
Related to depreciation method (Note 1)
What depreciation method does Royal use ?
What percentage residual value is assigned to the ships?
Generally, what is useful life based on?
Calculate Asset Turnover Ratio for 2019. Use 2019 Revenues. Refer to 2019 BS on next sheet.
Formula Amounts Answer
E.g. A – B = C 100 – 70 30
Detail the Intangible balance:
Categories Net Carrying Value Remaining Life
Goodwill (Balance Sheet)
Enter other here (from Note 5)
Enter other here (from Note 5)
Enter other here (from Note 5)
Enter other here (from Note 5)
Goodwill (Note 4)
How much in goodwill impairment charge did the Company record for Silverseas in 2021?
How much was the goodwill recorded for Silverseas at the end of 2019?
What percentage of goodwill was impaired?
Anything else interesting reported about fixed or intangible assets in the Financial Statements Item 8?
Enter the answers to the following from the MD&A (Item 7 of the Annual Report) in the blue box provided.
Under Results of Operations section, by how much did revenues decrease from 2020 to 2021 and why?
Under the Future Capital Commitments section, what is the the aggregate cost of the ships on order?

BS 2019


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