Part 1 that’s a part of the research explaining my interest in the topic so you so where im coming from.


Bullying has been a pressing issue for years, and I became interested in it because it needs to stop. Bullying destroys children's and their families' lives. Some children end their life because they are fed up with being picked on and tortured; this situation should never happen. My question would be what more can we do? It is all on social media, the news, websites, tv shows, awareness events yet the issue is still ongoing. One issue that needs to be addressed immediately that I see happen all the time would be the student report to the teacher and the teacher ignores them I understand they have a whole class to attend to, but students should feel like the classroom is a safe space. I cannot put all the heat off on the faculty and staff because bullying does not always take place at school. This guy once said that “your family is your first bully” I had to let that sink in because I never let that cross my mind. One thing that I like is higher authority starting to hold the parents accountable unfortunately it is when the situation has been taken too far but it is a start. After constructing my research question this will be mixed research. In my study I want to discuss the death rates, compare reported bullying from now and a decade ago which requires numeric information while also describing people's experience with bullying.

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