ch 5 and questions

1.  Your company is considering opening a new factory in China. List  several typical activities involved in each phase of the decision  (intelligence, design, and choice).

2.  Recall that data mining found that young men tend to buy beer and  diapers at the same time when they shop at convenience stores. Now that  you know this relationship exists, can you provide a rationale for it?

3.  American Can Company announced that it was interested in acquiring a  company in the health maintenance organization field. Two decisions were  involved in this act: the decision to acquire an HMO and the decision  of which HMO to acquire. How can the use of BI assist the company in  this endeavor?

4. Discuss the strategic benefits of BI.

5. Will BI replace business analysts? (Hint: See W. Mcknight, Business Intelligence: Will Business Intelligence Replace the Business Analyst? DMReview, February 2005.)


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  Book to be used : 

Management Information Systems, Rainer, Prince, Watson, 3rd Edition

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