Computer Architecture Feb 7

Assignment Content

  1. We are now in Week 4 so you all should be more familiar with the Architectural components and processes of a computer. To further enhance your knowledge on this topic, you will be answering the questions below.   Remember to format your work in an APA style (Cover Page is a Must) and provide proper citation and references for the paper. Plagiarism is not allowed and I will give you an automatic zero if I discover that any part of your work was plagiarized either from the internet or another student’s paper.   For this week’s assignment, Please provide a write-up as an answer to the question below;  
    • Compare the computer architecture of modern processors from two different vendors in terms of memory, speed and expansion bus.
    • Explain the concept of virtual memory and its role in memory management and in memory protection.
    • Provide any five differences between logical addressing and physical addressing in operating systems.
    • What are the benefits of using scripts to automate operating systems tasks?
    • You should submit at least TWO FULL PAGES OF CONTENT…meaning sources, title, etc. do NOT count…be sure to include any reference material you used…      
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