Culture of Capitalism


  • According to GPCC, chapter two: Describe (1) outsourcing and the labor movement; (2) the creation of free labor; (3) the segmentation of the workforce; (4) control and discipline; and (5) resistance and rebellion. Give an example of each.
  • Use the above concepts as relevant to describe any five of the following: (1) the global history of African slavery; (2) the Haitian Revolution as racialized labor resistance; (3) the legacies of U.S slavery for Jim Crow laws and contemporary racialized labor inequality; (4) the U.S. history of racial violence; (5) gender and global sex tourism; (6) global child labor; and (7) globalized labor inequality in either the apparel industry or the pet/livestock food industry.
  • From the standpoint of global labor segmentation, why does a whole community in Egypt live on rubbish instead of having alternative employment?
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