ALL REFERENCES MUST BE PUT IN ALL QUESTIONSQUESTION ONE (NOT MORE THAN 700 WORDS)======================================Cloud governance starts with guiding principles used to shape the approach to organizational computing. Discuss the methods you would use as an IT manager to form a governance committee and briefly define each role. QUESTION TWO (NOT MORE THAN 700 WORDS)======================================Cloud computing comes with specific risks when moving data. As the project manager, you were recently assigned a project to implement encryption methods to mask and protect the company’s data. Briefly describe how you will organize this task. QUESTION THREE==========IT professionals must understand the necessary security measures to keep cloud data safe from compromise. IT governance practices have become the staple for cloud data security. Part 1 Research the benefits of IT governance for cloud computing and create a presentation of 10-15 digital slides for upper management that addresses the following: Provide an overview of ways the organization will seek to ensure IT operations use good practices that include compassion, justice, and concern for the common good and make financial sense. Explain how you will ensure data and applications are safe from adverse events. Define IT governance and explain why it is necessary with cloud computing. Describe how you will comply with laws and regulations. Develop cybersecurity strategies aligned with business needs, regulations, and compliance standards to enhance an organization’s security posture. Part 2Include a table in your presentation that creates a set of policies based on the COBIT framework that the company will use for cloud data protection. The table must include a specific risk that the policy will prevent or mitigate. QUESTION FOUR==============Many firms use cloud computing to enhance database applications. You are tasked to select one of the simplest forms of cloud database applications to implement and scale within your business. The forms are traditional databases running in a cloud environment, virtual machine (VM) databases, or database‐as‐a‐service (DBaaS) models. Discuss which form and why it is applicable to your business. QUESTION FIVE=============DBaaS and other cloud databases present challenges. For instance, data security remains a moving target and requires cooperation between cloud vendor and cloud subscriber. Discuss how you will collaborate with the vendors and subscribers to create a functional DBaaS environment for your company. QUESTION SIX============SQL queries retrieve data and provide it to users or application programs. Because relational database systems and SQL were developed prior to cloud environments, these technologies were not specifically intended for distributed use. Discuss how you will work with developers to create an application to a cloud database environment that is suitable for your business. QUESTION SEVEN==============Most large vendors provide DBaaS on a subscription basis. The range of specific database packages is broad covering both SQL and NoSQL software. Using the larger vendors, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, or Microsoft, select one and briefly describe the synopsis you will use to implement a cloud DBaaS solution for your company. QUESTION EIGHT(IN NOT MORE THAN 700 WORDS)==========================================As an IT professional, you are tasked to implement a prototype of an as-a-service scenario for your business. Discuss which as-a-service you would select and why. QUESTION NINE (NOT MORE THAN 700 WORDS ) ========================================Explain the specific advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing for your specific industry. Why are they similar or different from other industries? QUESTION NINE ( nOT MORE THAN 700 WORDS)==========================================Assume your company has tasked you to create a proposal to prepare the infratstructure for movement to cloud services. Research the current trends AND continouse advancement in cloud technology and create a presentation of 10-15 digital slides for upper management that addresses the following: Define the current trends and provide an overview of your business concerns and possible implementation path as cloud computing evolves. Describe how EaaS could help your business. Summarize how a serverless architecture and the concept of no operations (NoOps) could help the company’s technology infrastructure. Explain the impact of machine learning and IoT within a cloud architecture and how they could help the business grow.

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