Film Worksheet: The Outsiders

Purpose: This assignment is designed for students describe deviance from a sociological perspective (SLO 6.1). Apply different crime theories to The Outsiders (SLO 6.2).

Task: Students will need to view the following film (click on title): The Outsiders

Students will need to respond to the following questions:

Deviance (use this subheading) Define Deviance from a sociological perspective Provide some concrete from the film that illustrates deviance that is not considered criminal behavior. Crime Theories (use this subheading) Choose two of the following theories

1. Structural Strain Theory—Merton’s Strain Theory 2. Social Control Theory (Hirschi’s Theory) 3. Labeling Theory 4. Differential Association Theory

Describe the two crime theories you have chosen and use concrete examples from the film to connect to your two chosen crime theories.

Criteria for Success: Students will need to:

1. Respond to all questions in complete sentences 2. Use the subheadings (you do not need to re-write the question) 3. Complete the assignment by the due date 4. Submit the assignment using the following steps:

o Save assignment as word document file (either on your computer or thumb drive) please do not use Pages format–as I cannot access this format

o Go to Browse My Computer–after you have open this find your saved file o Upload the file o Once you have uploaded your file you will need to click submit in order to

submit the assignment. o Please do not use the comment box to submit your assignment.

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