2/6/23, 8:12 PMHUM102 Graded Project

Page 1 of 4file:///Users/dipaksah/Downloads/reading_assignment_core_1.html/Lesson_7/Section_1/reading_assignment_core_1.html

HUM102 Graded ProjectYour project must be submitted as a Word document (.docx, .doc). Your project will be individually gradedby your instructor and therefore will take up to a few weeks to grade.

Be sure that each of your files contains the following information:

Your nameYour student ID numberThe exam numberYour email address

To submit your graded project, follow these steps:

Log in to your student portal.Click on Take Exam next to the lesson you’re working on.Find the exam number for your project at the top of the Project Upload page. Follow the instructions provided to complete your exam.

Be sure to keep a backup copy of any files you submit to the school!

AssignmentFor this project, you will answer seven questions about artists from ten of the art movements you studiedthroughout your course. You must select one artist from each of the following movements to research:

1. NeoclassicismFrancios-Xavier FabreAdelaide Labille-GuiardJacques-Louis David

2. RomanticismJoseph WrightWilliam BlakeSophie Fremiet

3. ImpressionismGusatave CalliebotteEdouard ManetRosa Bonhuer

4. Post-ImpressionismPaula Modersohn-BeckerEdourd VuillardJauquin Sorolla

5. Expressionism and Fauvism

2/6/23, 8:12 PMHUM102 Graded Project

Page 2 of 4file:///Users/dipaksah/Downloads/reading_assignment_core_1.html/Lesson_7/Section_1/reading_assignment_core_1.html

Xul SolarPaul KleeAuguste Rodin

6. Cubism and FuturismMarisa MoriGeorges BraqueUmberto Baccioni

7. Dada, Social Realism, and SurrealismHans ArpDorthea TanningGordan Parks

8. Abstract Expressionism and Pop ArtBeatriz GonzalezMarjorie StriderFrancis Bacon

9. Minimalism and Post-MinimalismJoseph BeuysYoko OnoDonald Judd

10. Postmodernism and DeconstructivismCharles JencksChloe WiseKehinde Wiley

QuestionsOnce you’ve selected the 10 artists you would like to focus on, you’ll need to research answers to thefollowing seven questions or question groups:

1. What’s the year of the artist’s birth (and, where applicable, death)?2. Where was the artist born? Where did he or she create the majority of his or her work (if at a different

location than this place of birth)?3. What medium did the artist use? Did he or she use more than one main medium?4. Which art movement did the artist contribute to? If he or she contributed to more than one movement,

where did this artist make the greatest impact?5. What are some of the artist’s most famous works of art? Choose one of these works. In what ways is

the piece characteristic of the movement specified above? (Include an image of the chosen piece.)6. What challenges, if any, did the artist face that may have affected his or her work? What was

happening in the world at that time that influenced the artist’s work?7. What’s innovative about the artist’s work for that time period?

You'll then write an APA-formatted essay that contains a title page, a brief introduction and conclusion, in-text citations supporting your research, and a reference list. Answer each question using complete sentences.The essay should be a minimum of 1,200 words. However, most students finish the project in about 2,000words.

2/6/23, 8:12 PMHUM102 Graded Project

Page 3 of 4file:///Users/dipaksah/Downloads/reading_assignment_core_1.html/Lesson_7/Section_1/reading_assignment_core_1.html

Answer the questions in essay format; do not answer them in list format.

You’ll need to find at least one source for each artist from the internet, a library, or elsewhere. Be sure to usereputable sources when searching for information on your selected artists.

Writing Guidelines 1. Your essay should be a minimum of 1,200 words.2. Your essay should be double-spaced, with 1" margins and 12-point Times New Roman font.3. Your entire project should be contained in one (1) Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format file.4. Your essay should include a cover page and works cited page using APA formatting.

Grading Rubric









Artist IdentificationThe student clearly identifies which 10 artists are discussed in theproject. Student has included correct information about each artistsupported by accurate research.

30–27 26–23 22–19 18–0

Essay Organization, Citation, and DocumentationThe student applied APA format, including APA title page, APAformatted in-text citations, and an APA formatted reference page.The essay is organized according to the project outline. Reputablesources are used, and all cited sources are listed on the referencepage.

15–14 13–12 11–10 9–0

ContentThe student answers all parts of the seven required questions foreach selected artist.

30–25 24–20 19–16 15–0

Grammar and MechanicsThe student uses correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, andsentence structure. The student makes correct word choices,defines unfamiliar terms, and conveys a clear message. The studenthas edited and proofread the essay.

15–14 13–12 11–10 9–0

FormatThe student met the required essay length (1,200–2,000 words),used the assigned font and margin requirements, and included atitle page and references page.

10–9 8 7 6–0


2/6/23, 8:12 PMHUM102 Graded Project

Page 4 of 4file:///Users/dipaksah/Downloads/reading_assignment_core_1.html/Lesson_7/Section_1/reading_assignment_core_1.html

As you read and research for this project, gather your sources’ information. Bookmark and save all URLs.

List all sources cited in your essay (including images). Begin your list on a new page after your conclusionparagraph. List sources alphabetically by author’s last name (or title if author is unknown). Capitalize the firstword of the title plus all major words except articles and prepositions.

Titles of books and websites are in italics while articles, postings, or smaller works are set in quotationmarks. You’ll need to list your course textbook, any other texts that you used, pieces of art you referenced,and websites you consulted. Below are four basic formats to work from:

Author last name, first initial. Middle initial. (Year published). Title of work. Location: publisher.

Author last name, first initial. Middle initial. (Year published). Title of article. Title of periodical, volume(issue), page range.

Author last name, first initial. (Year, month of date published). Title of webpage. Retrieved (date) from URL.

Artist. (Year). Title [Description of material]. Retrieved (date) from URL.

For example, your works cited page might look like this:


Art Movements. (n.d.). Retrieved April 17, 2018 from

Evans, Heather. 2011. Cairo [graphite on paper]. Retrieved April 17, 2018 from

Getlein, M. (2016). Living with Art (11th ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill.

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