Step 2: Read Boatright and Smith Chapter 3. (Note: this book is posted in your Canvas account. Select the files tab and upload the PDF).

Step 3: Review the case study: Proctor and Gamble (page 46).

Step 4:  Copy and paste all of the questions and answer each of them. 

Hint: Pay close attention to the words that are in bold or underlined. I used those exact terms on the presentation slides on the title page.

1.Who are the stakeholders (anyone involved or that can influence the case)?

2.Who in this case followed teleological ethics? Please explain.

3.Who in this case followed deontological ethics? Please explain.

4.Which of the four distinct theses of utilitarian principle did P&G follow?

5.What are the ethical violations (note: this was from chapter 2, table 2.1 but you can always add additional items that identify as wrong with this case)? Please explain.

6.What are the legal violations P&G were accused of violating? Please explain.

7.In your opinion, what type of justice should be administered? Please explain.

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