Jordan City Health care system


Nicole Salami

Capella University

NURS-FPX6218 Leading the Future of Health Care

Dr. Donna Ryan

June, 2021


 Social determinants affecting health in Jordan City

 Windshield Survey and Environmental Analysis of Jordan City

 Defining the change proposal

 Benefits of the change proposal

 Challenges facing execution of the proposal

 Significance of Funding the program

 Community health implications.

Social Determinants affecting Health in Jordan Town

Ethnic inequalities.Racial background Small town with a large population.Technology

Windshield Survey and Environmental Analysis of

Jordan City The recent census records nearly 6500 residents living in the town (Fuerst, 2020).

 Education sector provides vast opportunities for parochial and public schools.

 Residents enjoy recreational facilities, such as the Lagoon Park, which provides a

conducive environment to engage in sports and other recreational activities.

Environmental Analysis of Jordan City

 Availability of several schools and churches creates an opportunity to organize events that will help create awareness of the importance of maintaining a good public health.

 The town is vulnerable to air pollution from businesses and industries due to a concentrated population (Kiper & Geist, 2020) .

 Providing a crucial phase of planning and implementing appropriate programs that enhance perfect public health.

Defining the Change Proposal

 Community-Clinical linkage program is a connection between health care

institutions and the entire community.

 The bond is meant to ease and broaden health care service provision throughout

the entire community.

Why Proposed Changes to a Health Care System Require Policy and Financial Support

 The proposed change requires policy and financial support

 The policy is supported by the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

 The policy requires hospitals to perform community health needs assessments (Community-Clinical Linkages, 2019)

 Funding is needed to cover salaries and wages, consultation, equipment, and travel


 The proposed change is affordable

 The stakeholders will support the change

 The proposed change will improve community outcomes

Compelling evidence that proposed changes to a health care system will produce the intended outcomes

 The community clinical linkage program will produce the following positive outcomes.

 Identifying unmet social and health needs

 Ensure data sharing between different healthcare providers

 Ensuring sustainable financing and resources

 Build long-term partnerships with community

 Improved access to care

(Strengthening Community-Clinical Linkages, 2019)

Budget Estimates

 Government and public sectors play an integral part in supporting the program

 Approximately $ 750,000 required for startup of the program.

 The funds will cover these elements

 Salary and wages

 Fringe benefits

 Materials

 Equipment

 Consultation

 Policy support for the program is fundamental.

 Funding the project helps to foster successful implementation to improve the status of public health in the community.

Plan for Leading Transformational, Evidence-based Change in an Organization

Vision and Goal

Enhance linkage between community and healthcare providers.

Lewin’s Change Theory

The change plan will be implemented following Lewin’s change theory.

 Unfreezing- understanding change is needed

 Moving- the process of initiating change

 Refreezing (establishing a new status quo)

Potential Future for Wellness

 The proposed change will lead to improved community outcomes.

 Visionary leaders will ensure this by:

 Identifying areas for further improvements

 Allocating sufficient resources to quality improvement projects

 Assembling a change team

 This analysis is based on the assumption that the change will be led by a

transformational leader

 Such leader motivate team members towards a common goal (Saravo et al., 2017)

Cultivate Stakeholder Interest in and Support for the Proposed Changes

 Stakeholders interest will be cultivated by:

 Grouping the stakeholders

 Communicating clearly the need for change

 Meeting up and addressing resistance to change

 Collaborating with stakeholders to address resistance to change

 (Norris et al., 2017)


 From the brief presentation, we learn that:

 The change proposal will help to improve the quality of health care services

 Community-clinical linkage extends health care service provision.

 The proposal is susceptible to challenges, thus necessitating for financial and policy support.

Questions Prompt from Audience

 You may feel free to raise any concern regarding the topic that you feel is not elaborated clearly.

References Barrow, J. M., Annamaraju, P., & Toney-Butler, T. J. (2017). Change management.

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 Fuerst, N. (2021). Economic development. The city of Jordan.

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 Kiper, V., & Geist, R. (2020). Nurses on the frontline: Improving community health. Nursing Made Incredibly Easy, 18(3), 22-26.

 Lohr, A. M., Ingram, M., Nuñez, A. V., Reinschmidt, K. M., & Carvajal, S. C. (2018). Community-clinical linkages with community health workers in the united states: A scoping review. Health Promotion Practice, 19(3), 349–360.

 Norris, J. M., White, D. E., Nowell, L., Mrklas, K., & Stelfox, H. T. (2017). How do stakeholders from multiple hierarchical levels of a large provincial health system define engagement? A qualitative study. Implementation Science : IS, 12(1), 98.

 Saravo, B., Netzel, J., & Kiesewetter, J. (2017). The need for strong clinical leaders – Transformational and transactional leadership as a framework for resident leadership training. PloS One, 12(8), e0183019.

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  • Introduction
  • Social Determinants affecting Health in Jordan Town
  • Windshield Survey and Environmental Analysis of Jordan City
  • Environmental Analysis of Jordan City
  • Defining the Change Proposal
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  • Budget Estimates
  • Slide 10
  • Potential Future for Wellness
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  • Conclusion
  • Questions Prompt from Audience
  • References
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