Strategic Facilitation Application Post

Utilizing the videos and the module readings, please provide a detailed

discussion post on your application plan for the theories, models, and/or concepts

presented in the module readings for the your component of your facilitation plan.

The criteria for the model post is as follows:

o A minimum of 250 words

o Proofread discussions before posting:

o Students must first post their own work in order to view or reply to other

students’ discussions in the forum. Be sure your work is complete before


o Integrate the readings in your responses.

o Critically reply to at least two student’s post. Responses should be a

minimum of 250 words. Merely replying that you “agree” or that you

“like” the post is NOT a critical reply. Critical replies add to or extend the

discussion, offer different perspectives or provide explanations for


o Reply to at least 2 students’ postings. Keep in mind that students learn

from each other.

Grading Rubric

Items Points

Section A: Application Post 60

Section B: Response Post 40

Total: 100

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