For this exercise, you will complete a non-participant observation study. For thisexercise, you will complete a non-participant observation study. Choose a publicarea—the LSC plaza, a store, etc.—and observe as much detail as possible for about30 minutes. Before you do your fieldwork, jot down some hypotheses (expectations)regarding what you think you will see. 2-3 pages, double spaced

1. Take notes on what you observe. Make notes on how people interact, if theinteraction changes over time, if there are certain norms or rules to the interaction, andwhat happens if those rules are broken. You might include notes on whether COVID-19affects interaction.

2. From observing the interactions, what can you tell about these people? Are there anynoticeable groupings or patterns? Are there any differences in age, gender, race withingroups or do people with the same apparent demographic characteristics only interactwith each other?

3. When you complete your observations, organize them into meaningful categories.Your categories should emerge out of your notes and observations. For example, youmight have a category entitled “non-verbal communication” and another category titled“rules for interaction,” etc.

4. Write up your observations in an essay that conveys what you observed and whatcategories you identified. Your essay will probably not use all of your notes, but youshould include a thorough description with examples for your categories. You shouldalso include details on when and where you completed your observations.

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