Reflective Writing

The assignment should address each of the following two topics:

1. The History of CHWs- Please write about your own experiences and beliefs related to

the history of CHWs.

Please address at least two of the following questions in your assignment

o What is important to know about the history of CHWs?

o What have you learned about the accomplishments of CHWs so far?

o How has the CHW field grown and developed?

o How does knowing this history affect you as a CHW?

2. The Future of CHWs- Please write about your own knowledge, experience, and beliefs

related to the future of CHWs. Please address at least two of the following questions in

your assignment:

o  In your opinion, what are key issues CHWs will be addressing in the next 20


o  What do CHWs individually and as a group need (in terms of support,

organization, policies, and so on) to continue to grow and be successful?

o What is one key policy change or accomplishment that you would most like to

see the CHW profession achieve?

o What contributions do you hope to make to the history and future of CHWs in

your state, region, or country? 

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