While stories used for marketing and advertising are common examples of how organizations use stories, there are many examples of organizations using stories for technical, internal, and many other forms of communication. In order to effectively tell stories for industry, it is important to acknowledge the variety of stories that organizations have or are currently using for their different purposes.


Write a journal that discusses an example of an organization using a story to meet an organizational goal. For this journal, locate an example of an organization using storytelling for any purpose and through any channel other than social networking sites (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram). You may choose a story on other forms of social media, such as websites, blogs, or YouTube. Your journal should analyze the target audience, organizational goal, and channel for the story. Be sure to include a link to the story in your submission.

Specifically, the following  rubric criteria must be addressed:

· Identify an  example of an  organization using a story to meet an organizational goal.

· Describe who the  target audience is for this story (its demographics, psychographics, and geographics) and why the organization would target this audience.

· Explain the  organizational goal the story intended to meet and why you believe a story was used to meet this goal.

· Provide a rationale for why you believe the  channel used to distribute the story to the audience was chosen instead of other channels.

Guidelines for Submission

This assignment must be approximately 250 to 500 words in length and submitted as a Microsoft Word document. A citation is required for the story you used, but additional resources are not required. Resources must be cited in APA format.

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