The Scientific Revolution Ch2

Do you feel that the vision of the world developed from the scientific revolution is pessimistic or more pessimistic than the anthropocentric vision that proceeded it?  Explain.  What are the sources of contemporary resistance to established sciences like evolution and climate change?  Is there a link with pre-Revolutionary visions of the world?

Ch. 2, How Was it Known, Reading Nature’s Book
Rev, pp. 65-96

1. State what you think is the main point or thesis of the article assigned for reading the day this discussion is due.

2. Explain why you think that, and provide textual justification for your claim in the form of exegesis, not direct quotation.

3. Share some critical remarks about the article. What did the author overlook, get wrong, or what are some potential implications of the author’s claims that may be problematic in some way?

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