What is Conflict


When you think of the word conflict, what comes to mind?  Write down every word you associate with conflictaround 10 things.  Then, ask three people the same question, but do not share responses with them. Next, put the words into two columns, one positive and one negative.  What do you notice?  Finally, answer these questions:

1.  Do you have more negative words than positive words?  What accounts for the difference in the number of positive and negative words?

2.  What similarities and differences do you notice between your words and the words of others? 

3.  What do you notice about how people view conflict?  What do you think this means? 

4.  Now that you have this information, does this change your view of conflict and how different people respond to conflict?

This assignment should contain the formatted list of positives and negatives on one page. Then, there should be at least one page of analysis for the questions asked.  Be sure you provide supporting examples and any relevant textbook citations.

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