Creati�g Vi�ual�i� Piktoc�artT�i� i�troductio� paragrap� i� excelle�t to explai� ��y t�ey ��ould adopt your idea. Start� by pai�ti�g t�e �ucce�� followed by �ow your idea will co�tribute to ac�ievi�g �ucce��.


1 Fi�d t�e rig�t te�plate.W�e� you log i�to Piktoc�art, you will fir�t la�d o� t�e Da��board page. So�e tip� to �ake your te�plate �electio� proce�� ea�ier:

Have a fre�� �tart by u�i�g a bla�k te�plate. 

Scroll t�roug� te�plate� i�

variou� for�at�.

U�e �earc� bar to �earc� t�e �a�e of t�e te�plate.

Piktoc�art Da��board

Edit your text.O�ce you've decided o� your te�plate, click U�e Te�plate to load t�e �elected te�plate.

Co��i�te�t u�age i� ico��, fo�t� a�d color� �elp� to e��ure your vi�ual look� profe��io�al.

Start editi�g your text by double-clicki�g t�i� text a�d replace it wit� your co�te�t.

Pro tip

Rea� t�e fu�� ��og post


I��ert grap�ic�.Brow�e t�roug� t�ou�a�d� of ico�� i� ourlibrary you ca� fi�d u�der Grap�ic� tab o� t�e left �e�u. U�e t�e �earc� tool a�d i��ert keyword� to fi�d t�e ico�� you're looki�g for. Click or drag-a�d-drop t�e ico�� you �eed fro� t�e �e�u to your ca�va�.

S�ape� � Ico��


Our P�otofra�e� allow you to drag a�d drop your p�oto� i�to readily-�ade de�ig�� t�at i��ta�tly �a�k your p�oto i�to variou� ��ape� – �o do�’t forget to try t�e� out!


You ca� al�o Upload our ow� p�oto�, ico�� a�d grap�ic� u�i�g t�e Upload� tab.

Pro tip

Vi�ualize your data.C�oo�e fro� 16 differe�t c�art� a�d variou� �ap� to vi�ualize your data. Cu�to�ize your c�art �tyle furt�er by c�a�gi�g t�e color� a�d ico��.

You ca� build a� i�teractive da��board by i�tegrati�g your Google S�eet li�k.Pro tipWatc� tutoria�


S�are your vi�ualYour beautiful vi�ual de�erve� all atte�tio�. Dow�load your work a� a� i�age, publi�� it o�li�e, ��are by e�ail, or ��are your i�fograp�ic directly o� �ocial �edia. Co�trol t�e acce�� to co�fide�tial i�for�atio� by activati�g t�e pa��word protectio�. 


You did it!I� t�i� block you ca� i�clude clear i��tructio�� o� �ow to proceed to t�e �ext �tep�. We �ope you fi�d t�i� te�plate �elpful a�d �appy Piktoc�art-i�g!

Piktoc�art Help Ce�ter


Piktoc�art Acade�y

More re�ource�

I�fograp�ic by: Jo�� S�it� © Lear�i�g � Develop�e�t Dept.


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