Educational Institution/ Program Public Relations Document Presentation

1. Provide an analysis presentation analyzing five sample public relationspublications and other resources, documents or other articles relatingprimarily to your school community (state and national level documents mayalso be used). Resources, documents and artifacts may include: newsletters,flyers, posters, daily announcements, newspaper articles, press releases,parent surveys, school profiles, monthly calendars, student newspapers orschool websites. It is recommended that you collect a minimum of twentyitems and narrow down to five for your presentation.

2. Your analysis presentation should address the following:

○ What is the title and purpose of each selected publication,resource, document or article?

○ Who is the intended document of each selected publication,resource, document or article?

○ What are the strengths of each selected publication, resource,document or article?

○ What are the weaknesses of each selected publication, resource,document or article?

○ What are your recommendations to improve each selectedpublication, resource, document or article?

3. Cite evidence from the reading or other scholarly sources, to support youranalysis.

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