Prince Boateng

Class: ISSC 452

American Military University

Instructor: Prof. Mike Lewis

Week 4


Cyber Bullying Essay Outline

Paragraph 1: Introduction and Thesis – The increased use of Facebook and other social media sites has led to more cyber bullying.

A. What is social media?

B. . Benefits of social media

C. Negative things about social media such as cyber bullying and privacy issues

Paragraph 2: Cyber bullying

A. What is it?

B. Methods of cyber bullying such as posting bad photos or videos of someone on the internet, saying bad things on the internet about another person.

C. Who is targeted?

D. Negative effects of cyber bullying

1. Depression

2. Decreased academic performance- not doing well in school

3. Suicides

Paragraph 3: Prevention

A. Monitor your children when they use the internet

B. Limit access to Social Media

C: Talk to your children about cyber bullying

D: Encourage your children to tell you if they have been or are being cyber bullied.


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