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Learning Module 3 Major Project

Argumentative Essay Assignment: write a 1,000-word argument that asserts and supports with evidence a precise claim of fact that defines the significant improvement a person or development made to a professional field. This essay can use the same topic as the informative essay in Module 2 or you can select a new one.

A claim of fact attempts to prove that something once happened, is happening or will happen. It often doesn't seem like an argument because it doesn't seem debatable. But attempting to prove something happened, is happening or will happen is not easy for many subjects. In this essay you will show that a person or development made a significant improvement to a professional field. This development could be technical, financial, artistic, ethical, political, social, scientific, etc.

Claims of policy and value will not work for this assignment. You will assert a claim of fact that defines the precise contribution that was made to the professional field and support it with abundant, timely, reliable, relevant, and well-documented empirical, logical, and/or ethical evidence.

Format: the paper should be no less than 1,000 words in length and no more than 1,500 words. This word count does not include the list of sources provided through the documentation. Students will document use of all sources, including paraphrased statements and quotations, using MLA or APA style of documentation.

A minimum of five credible sources must be cited. Title pages are not required. Students should provide Name, ENG 1213, Instructor’s Name, and the date as heading in the right or left corner of page one. Skip two lines and center a title. Number all pages after the first. Establish one-inch margins. Double-space the essay.

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