Universal Design for Learning Lesson Plan Template

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Lesson Objectives (with alignment to state academic standards): Students will be able to:

Cultural needs: List at least 3 (These are only examples: ELL student, student with learning disability in reading/writing, student who is gifted, student behind in content due to geographical situation)

Lesson goal for all students:

What all students will do/learn: (instruction with supports for all learners)

Lesson goal for some students:

What some students will do learn: (supports for students who need extra help or extra challenges)

Adapted/modified goal:

What a few students will do/learn: (individual, intensive supports for a few students with learning disabilities or who are gifted/talented)

Methods/Materials/Resources needed to enhance:

Representation of Content

Student Engagement

Student Expression

Example: Relate content to student’s interest

Example: Outline steps to solve a problem

Example: Visual demonstration

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