MTH 140 : 4.1 Discussion: Where is Probability?

Get on the Gallup website at

Pick one of the articles (not a blog) on the Gallup website OR select an article listed below and discuss the measures of central tendency. 

In the article, scroll down and find the survey methods box and click the +.

In your original post, answer the following:

FYI – You might want to copy and paste the above, and then just answer each question in a short paragraph just below it before moving to the next question.

Describe the survey methods used by Gallup.  (Describe in detail how the data was collected, and how the sample to be used was determined.)

Interpret the margin of error presented in the article and construct the  confidence interval based on the margin of error. (Identify what the margin is in your study according to the poll results given. Construct the interval as illustrated above.)

What confidence was used in the article? (This should be stated somewhere in the article.)

Do you think the confidence level selected was appropriate? Why or why not? Offer your opinion based on the consequences of being wrong, and how confident you need to be based on those consequences.)


Saad, L. (2020, October 30). Americans Plan to Scale Back on Holiday Spending This Year. Retrieved October 31, 2020, from

Crabtree, S. (2020, October 29). Americans’ Social Distancing Habits Have Tapered Since July. Retrieved October 31, 2020, from

Saad, L. (2020, October 29). Americans’ Readiness to Get COVID-19 Vaccine Falls to 50%. Retrieved October 31, 2020, from

Brenan, P. (2020, October 20). Americans Favor Saving Over Spending Until Vaccine. Retrieved October 31, 2020, from


Brenan, M. (2020, October 29). More Voters Than in Prior Years Say Election Outcome Matters. Retrieved October 31, 2020, from

Newport, F. (2020, October 28). Americans and the Role of Government. Retrieved October 31, 2020, from

Saad, L. (2020, October 29). U.S. Satisfaction With Women’s Treatment Remains Tepid. Retrieved October 31, 2020, from

McCarthy, J. (2020, October 29). Ideal Evenings for Most Americans Involve Family Time, TV. Retrieved October 31, 2020, from

Saad, L. (2020, October 29). U.S. Conservatism Down Since Start of 2020. Retrieved October 31, 2020, from

Gallup, I. (2020, May 21). The Characteristics of Good Jobs for Low-Income Workers. Retrieved October 31, 2020, from

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