KINS 256 – Respiratory System Worksheet

Respond to the following prompts and submit your completed worksheet in Canvas.

1. What are the muscles involved in inspiration? Expiration?

2. Discuss how frequency and depth of breath alters pulmonary ventilation at various activity intensities.

3. List some steps that could be taken to minimize the occurrence of exercise-induced bronchospasm.

4. What does the oxyhemoglobin curve represent? Discuss how temperature, pH, and 2,3-DPG impact this curve.

5. Explain the role of chemoreceptors in the control of respiration.

6. Explain how submaximal exercise impacts pulmonary ventilation.

7. Explain near maximal exercise impacts pulmonary ventilation.

8. Discuss factors that contribute to ventilation limits. Be sure to consider exercise intensity and trained status of the individual.

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