Stage II: Process Analysis

Maryland Technology Consultants (MTC)

IFSM 300 Information Systems in Organizations


II. Process Analysis

A. Hiring Process

Maryland Technology Consultants (MTC) wants to develop and become a leading provider of IT consulting services with an objective to electronically replace the manual hiring procedure now in place. The table below will describe the present procedure, make some suggestions, and explain to MTC the necessity for a new approach.

MTC Hiring Process

As-Is Process

Responsible MTC


To-Be Process – How the system Will Support and

Improve the hiring


Business Benefits of

Improved Process

(Align with MTC's

overall business

strategy and needs.)

1. Recruiter receives application from job hunter via Postal Service Mail.


The system will receive the application via online submission through MTC Employment Website and store it in the applicant database within the hiring system.

A more efficient submission process decreases the time needed to receive and begin processing applications. This will present a positive image to potential employees and help MTC compete for top IT talent (UMGC, 2019).

2. Recruiter screens resumes to identify top candidates by matching with job requirements from job description.


The system will be employed to sort applications and choose the best applicants who satisfy the criteria.

The procedure will be enhanced by quicker testing and processing time that only displays suitable individuals, saving time and enabling MTC to rob a bigger circle of applicants quickly.

3. Recruiter forwards top candidates to Administrative Assistant via interoffice mail


The system shall produce an account with the best prospects that may be electronically forwarded to the AA.

The information about the candidates will be provided immediately to the AA because of a paperless update procedure.

4. Administrative Assistant forwards candidates' resumes and applications to hiring manager for the position via interoffice mail.

Administrative Assistant

The technology will inevitably create a package with the candidate's information and send it to the hiring manager after pulling it from a database.

The prospective employer can obtain and examine the data electronically to conduct additional candidate screening, saving time and productivity (Business Enterprise Mapping, 2021).

5. Hiring Manager reviews applications and selects who he/she wants to interview.

Hiring Manager

The information system will enable resume searches to find particular qualifications and talents the recruiting manager is looking for in a candidate.

A system with searchable material will streamline the hiring process by focusing on competent individuals. By cutting down on the time needed to read and examine paper resumes, will help MTC reach its employment objective more quickly.

6. Hiring Manager sends email to Administrative Assistant on who he/she has selected to interview and identifies members of the interview team.

Hiring Manager

The solution will let the hiring manager immediately notify the AA of the chosen applicants and interview panel.

The system's deployment will shorten the time needed for the hiring manager to provide info to the AA. The recruiting process will move faster because of this benefit for MTC.

7. AA schedules interviews by contacting interview team members and hiring manager to identify possible time slots

Administrative Assistant

The technology allows the AA to choose the days and times they are eligible for interviews by synchronizing the recruiting manager's and the assessment team's appointments.

Conflicts over scheduling and repeated phone conversations can be avoided with a system that syncs calendars, picks time slots, and generates emails for the AA (Business Enterprise Mapping, 2021).

8. AA emails candidates to schedule interviews.

Administrative Assistant

The solution permits the AA to deliver an automatically compiled email containing all of the available time slots and a read receipt certification.

The system can monitor who has or hasn't replied to the interview emails and can notify or remind the AA to verify the interview times. This allows for smooth tracking.

9. Interview is conducted with candidate, hiring manager and other members of the interview team.

Hiring Manager and Interview Team

The interview is conducted with the candidate, hiring manager, and other interview team members.


10. AA collects feedback from interviews and status of candidates

Administrative Assistant

After the interviews are over, the interviewers can input their feedback into the system. The AA can be alerted to view the response in the system and modify the status of the applicants.

The system will effectively score the applicants and update their position by sending notifications when feedback is entered. This will simplify the work for the AA.

11. Hiring manager informs the AA on his top candidate for hiring

Administrative Assistant

The hiring manager should utilize the system to choose the final options and then send a notification to the AA so that they can retrieve the data from the database.


12. Administrative Assistant prepares offer letter based on information from recruiter and puts in the mail to the chosen candidate.

Administrative Assistant

The system enables AA to prepare a job offer letter by storing the offer letter template and information on each candidate.

A more efficient offer process presents a positive image to applicants, decreases the time needed to prepare an offer letter, and enables MTC to hire in advance of the competition (Analyzing Process Improvements Supported by IT)

B. Expected Improvements

MTC must urgently modernize its employment procedure as they are not helped by the manual approach, which takes additional effort and time. MTC intends to expand by 7% annually over the following five years. MTC will be able to accomplish its objective by utilizing technology to develop a smooth hiring procedure.


Current Issues (from the Case Study)

Improvements (due to the use of technology)


The Hiring Manager states that recruiting is only one area he is responsible for, and he isn't as responsive to HR as he could be. Therefore, he counts on the Recruiters to help manage the process and keep him informed. The current manual system causes many communication breakdowns and takes additional effort and time to stay on top of the hiring process.

An efficient system with all information in one place, easily accessible via a dashboard, and updated in real time could make his recruiting job easier; and he could devote time to effectively working collaboratively and proactively with HR on his staffing needs.

Communications: Explain how a hiring system could improve internal and external communications

MTC has a limited number of employees dedicated to recruiting, and those working on the employment procedure are overworked. There is insufficient appropriate communication between the recruiter, AA, and hiring manager. Resumes and applications may become misplaced in email or abandoned in interoffice mail.

By storing the data electronically and allowing users to search for keywords and particular skill sets for the role, an efficient system could reduce employers' time to assess and screen applicants.

Workflow: Explain how a hiring system could improve the MTC hiring process by providing a consistent structure for each participant to perform his/her part in the hiring process.

Each stage of the hiring process takes significantly longer when everything is done manually. Before a candidate can proceed through the procedure, an excessive amount of paperwork must be reviewed.

The employment process can be streamlined with an information system. All team members could quickly and effectively carry out their responsibilities by uploading resumes to their system for the recruiter to and select the most competent applicants.

Relationships: Explain how implementing an enterprise hiring system could foster stronger relationships with applicants/potential employees.

The recruiting manager claims that employing manual procedures makes MTC appear unprofessional as an IT company. In order to rapidly update worried job seekers on the progress of their applications, MTC must answer their inquiries.

The applicants will receive real-time updates regarding their status through a system that uses technology. With this system, MTC will be seen as a cutting-edge, contemporary technology firm.


Analyzing Process Improvements Supported by IT.

Business Enterprise Mapping. (2021, June 10). Six process improvement strategies that work – BEM.

UMGC. (2019). Maryland Technology Consultants, Inc. case study. IFSM 300 Case Study

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