Paper requires a comparative analysis of multiple hospital or health systems in their applicability as it relates to various issues encountered by the healthcare administrator.  The paper will explore the four (4) required areas of comparison; describe the findings, and present ideas for improving the data findings.  o Requirements: The body of the paper should be between a minimum of 8 page 

  Patient Experience Mortality Rates Readmission Rates Health Information Technology 

 Introduction This section of the paper should describe the states selected and rationale for their selection.

  Comparative Analysis This discussion should give a narrative of the results of the comparisons for each state based on the specified characteristics.

  Reflections Discuss your personal and professional reflections on the findings. (What do you think about the results? How might you explain any differences?) This discussion should be supported by references from the assigned readings and external sources.

  Conclusions Discuss how the selected hospitals might improve their scores on each of the characteristics. 

  Christian Worldview – This section of the paper should also address how your Christian worldview perspective impacts or frames your ideas and discussions related to the issues presented in the paper.

Reference page – APA format.  

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