Outline: Community Action Group


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  1. Community action groups are private and public not-for-profit organizations. They work with local, state, private, and federal resources to assist under-supported residents of the neighboring community.

    Imagine that you are the leader of a community action group. You will be presenting at a rally on how to improve safety in your community, which is racially and ethnically diverse. 

    Identify the topic you will be speaking on. Select 1 of the following issues: 

    • -African Americans and the criminal justice system
    • -Anti-Asian hate crime bill
    • -Racial profiling
    • -Police-involved violence 
    • -Race and stand your ground laws 
    • -Race and the war on drugs
    • -Hate crimes 
    • -Prepare a 525- to 700-word outline that covers the key elements of the speech you will be making at a rally in a public park. 

      Include the following in your outline:

    • -Overview of the issue
    • -Explanation of how this issue affects your diverse community
    • -Specific recommendations your action group will be making to local law enforcement
    • -Summary of the significance this issue is to your community and why law enforcement needs to act
    • -Cite at least 2 outside references to support your assignment.
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