Community Health Nursing Project Hour Log

Community Health Nursing Project Hour Log

Use this form to document practice hours & activities for the

Community Health Nursing Project Assignment

Date Activity Location & Contact(as appropriate) Hour(s)
May 8-10 THERAPEUTIC ASSESSMENTS(Demographics, career, etc.)1. Supported the client in taking the Geriatric Depression Scale2. Supported the client in taking the Fulmer SPICES Assessment3. Performed a Mini-Mental State Exam and Patient_Stress_Questionnaire Cabell Library 6 hours
June 11 Outreach activity; home care and nursing activity; in-depth discussion with the coach. Cabell Library 6 hours
June 12 Clinic attendance, nursing care, and discussion with my coach Cabell Library 8 hours
June 13 Orientation and meeting with the team leader, discussion about the project. Site visit and interview Hal Greer Boulevard +1 304-526-2000 3 hours
June 14 Site visit; procurement of Cabell Huntington Hospital’s health data and interview with the director. Cabell Huntington Hospital; emergency; Hal Greer Boulevard +1 304-526-2000 5 hours
June 15 Site visit; interview with director, data on mental issues analysis Cabell Huntington Hospital, WV, United States+1 304-526-2000 4 hours
June 16 Orientation and meeting with the team leader in Hoops Family Children’s Hospital; discussion about the project. HospitalHuntington, WV, United States+1 304-526-2000 3 hours
June 17 Shadowed social workers and interviewed them to collect some data. Hal Greer Boulevard +1 304-526-2000 4 hours
Total 39 hours

I acknowledge and attest that my practice hours log and documented activities adhere to the Aspen University standards of academic authenticity and may be subject to random audits of my logged hours, documented activities and contacts.


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Updated 03/2018


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