Discussion Questions will be used for participation

10 questuions of NSCI 351(Discussion Questions will be used for participation; weekly questions should be posted every week. Answers must be 250 word min. to 500 word max., submitted by following material/readings covered.): Moore, Gary, “Living with the Earth”, 3rd Ed. 2007, CRC Press, Lewis Publishers (ISBN 0-8493-7998-9). ). https://people.umass.edu/~envhl565

Student User Name: ulearn

Student Password: mar99

Discussion Question #2 Options Menu: Forum

How do environmental systems relate to human systems?

Can you compare ecology to human ecology? If so how?

How does climate determine biomes?

Discussion Question #3 Options Menu: Forum

How do humans impact the environment?

Can humans improve their environment? If so How?

Explain the Green Revolution

Discussion Question #4 Options Menu: Forum

Can we solve world hunger? If so How? If not Why?

Can we control population growth? If so How? If not Why?

Can we eliminate poverty? If so How? If not Why?

Discussion Question # 5 Options Menu: Forum

What Emerging Disease are you concerned most about, and why?

What are the factors leading to emerging disease?

Explain how West Niles Virus is contracted?

Discussion Question # 6 Options Menu: Forum

What Disease or Illness are you predisposed or do you think will cause your death someday?

What Risks do you take or Risk factors are you concerned with?

With your knowledge of your Risks to disease or illness, How could you change?

Discussion Question #7 Options Menu: Forum

Do you drink tap water or bottled water? How much?

Do you know what’s in it?

Do you feel it’s safe to drink? Why?

When you flush the toilet do you know where the wastewater goes?

Discussion Question #8 Options Menu: Forum

Have you ever had foodborne illness? What do you think caused it?

Of the foodborne pathogens what is the most common and why?

What are the most contributing factors causing foodborne illness?

Discussion Question #9 Options Menu: Forum

Why is air pollution a health threat? How is it measured?

Why is global warming so controversial? What is causing it?

What is acid deposition? How is it damaging?

Discussion Question # 10 – That’s all Options Menu: Forum

What disaster is the most likely to occur in your life?

Why is disaster planning important?

What are the immediate actions necessary during a disaster?


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